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Romney Consistently Blasting Through 25% Ceiling

Mitt Romney

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A favorite attack line of the left and non-Romneyites has been his inability to get above 25% of the vote in any poll.  They say “75 percent of the conservative base doesn’t want Mitt Romney.” I’ve always hated this argument because the same can be said about their candidate. Now that votes have been cast in Iowa and New Hampshire, Romney is consistently about 30 percent and has hit the 40s in New Hampshire and now in Florida says Rasmussen Reports:

Coming off his decisive win in Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary, Romney earns 41% support with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich a distant second at 19%. A new telephone survey of Likely Florida Republican Primary Voters finds former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum running third with 15% of the vote.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Utah Governor Jon Hunstman are next with nine percent (9%) and five percent (5%) support respectively. The two men finished second and third in New Hampshire where independents are allowed to vote in the primary. The Florida primary is open to Republican voters only. Texas Governor Rick Perry runs dead last among primary voters in the Sunshine State with two percent (2%) support. One percent (1%) prefers some other candidate in the race, and eight percent (8%) are undecided.

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Jonah Goldberg: “Newt, don’t get cocky”

If you haven’t heard Newt received the endorsement of the Union Leader, Newhampshire’s most influential newspaper. Goldberg says that Newt may take his newfound front runner status to build on his already large ego:

But I suspect and fear that Newt will interpret his comeback incorrectly and see his new front-runner status as proof he can discard all of the lessons-learned from his flame-out earlier this year. This is the moment where it’s going to be hardest for Gingrich to restrain his Newtness. This is the moment where perceived vindication breeds hubris. Already, he’s talking about teaching an online course from the White House, bragging that Obama can use teleprompters in their debates and trying to run as a general election candidate on immigration.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Reading List

Here a some stories you may have missed:

Michael Medved: Conservatives, Romney, and Electability — Great read! Michael says most political battles are won by seizing the center. Anyone who believes otherwise ignores the electoral experience of the last 50 years.

USA Today: Does Mitt Romney benefit from misleading ad? — Brilliant ad done by Romney camp that makes a great point. Liberals (and MSM) crying unfair

Reuters: Romney under fire for immigration remarks — Debunked!

CNN: Key social conservatives secretly meet to stop Romney — Those sly devils…

Politico: Mitt Romney’s Bob Dole Moment — Politico wants to paint Romney as Bob Dole as much as they can (he was the 1996 “hold your nose” nominee), a pretty lame attempt I might ad. They miss the point as always. Romney is championing Bob Dole’s service and good nature and ability to get along with those on the other side of the aisle.

Vanity Fair: Disecting Mitt Romney’s taste in music — Vanity Fair talks about Romney’s recent interview in People magazine. From the Beatles to Brandon Flowers… interesting read.

HuffPo: John Bluemthal: I’m Mitt Romney’s Hair Stylist — From Huff Post Comedy section. Not sure what to make of this one… Romney: My first visit as President would be to Israel — one of the best moments of the debate last night. Many of the other candidates were saying “Me too”

Hollywood Reporter: Celebs speak out on Republican debate — This one is just to show how disgusting the left and Hollywood is for that matter. That Ellen Barkin is a classy gal ain’t she?

Weekend Reading

HotAir: Does Romney have a ceiling? …”The lack of a true consensus NotRomney shows more potential upside for Romney

Wash Times: Mitt Romney: An inside look at the man and his politics–A preview of one of many unauthorized biographies that is surely to be written in the upcoming months.

WaPo: Mitt Romney faces familiar hurdle in Iowa: Skeptical evangelical Christian leaders

Politico: Mitt Romney: “I exhale carbon dioxide” — makes  a great point about the overreaching EPA

NYTimes: Romney Pessimistic on Debt Committee Recommendations

Video: Interview with Neil Cavuto last week

the “Romney of Spain” Coasting to Victory

Could Mariano Rajoy’s victory in Spain is just the start of many death nails heading straight toward “hope and change” style of global governance? Let’s hope so.  Article here:

RomneyCare Not ObamaCare

Romney’s original vision for RomneyCare was different than ObamaCare, no matter what the chattering media says to the contrary.  Essentially, the Democrats filled in blanks after Romney left or overruled his Vetoes… Romney will be able to explain in a general election if he gets there.

From Politico:

“At this point, he’s simply forced to defend the law, and having him reopen and re-litigate parts of the plan is probably a bridge too far,” Bonjean said. “He needs to be focusing on jobs and the economy, and he’s playing it smart to stay away from it as much as he can.”

Bonjean said Romney may be able to point out some of his original goals if he becomes the Republican nominee and has the opportunity to debate President Barack Obama on health care, but it is “too early to tell.”

Lischko said she doesn’t think Romney is running away from the law, and points out that he hasn’t shied away from defending it on the national stage.

“I don’t think any of us expected this to be as controversial as it is,” she said. “You maybe lose the public when talking about the finer points of the legislation, but Mitt is correct when he says Massachusetts is really a lot different that the rest of the country and what works there probably won’t work in Texas or California.”

The Flip-Flopper Label Goes Both Ways Mr. President

Great article in National Journal that shows how the Romney campaign will attack Obama with his own record of flip-flopping…but will it work?

The counteroffensive goes like this: Take the flip-flopping label that has dogged Romney for years, refute it, and slap it back on Obama. “This race is like a car with its wheels out of alignment: No matter how hard anybody might try otherwise, it’s always going to steer back to the economy and jobs,” says Romney strategist Stuart Stevens. “Because of that, [Obama’s team is] going to launch vicious personal attacks, as they did against Hillary and President Clinton. We won’t hesitate to point out how hollow that is.”

Newt Popular with Tea Party? Really?

With all the grief Mitt Romney has received from conservatives–tea party activists– about his record as Massachusetts governor, I was very surprised to see a poll today that has Newt receiving over 35 percent of the Tea Party vote, with Cain receiving 25 and Romney 15.

For a group so concerned with fiscal sanity in Washington, how can they favor Newt who has his fingerprints on so many less-than-conservative projects. It looks like the Tea Party faction needs to do a little due diligence on Mr. Gingrich:

Tim Carney’s piece in the the Washington Examiner: Gingrich made big bucks pushing corporate welfare:

…when Gingrich retired in the middle of his term in 1999 and got huge contracts, he was being paid to promote the opposite of “free enterprise”: subsidies, entitlements, and central planning. Republicans won’t rally behind another politician who confuses “free enterprise” with getting rich.

Allahpundit at Hot Air, comments:

The Times is reporting tonight that in July 2009 Gingrich used a WaPo op-ed to laud a health-care outfit that had been proactive in getting patients to sign “advance directives” (which, you’ll recall, came up during the ObamaCare uproar over “death panels”). Turns out that same outfit was also a paying client of Gingrich’s health-care consulting firm. Meanwhile, at Politico, it seems Gingrich remained a paid consultant of Freddie Mac until the bitter end before it was taken over by the feds in September 2008. Seriously, given his loooong tenure inside the Beltway as a congressman and later a well-paid lobbyist and in light of his many ideological “eccentricities” over the years, how exactly is Newt more of a tea-party champion than, say, Romney is? Yeah, true, Romney has RomneyCare to his record and Gingrich doesn’t, but as Mitt reminded him at one of the debates a few weeks ago, Newt supported health-care mandates before supporting health-care mandates was “cool.” So why the obvious grassroots advantage for Gingrich?

Jennifer Rubin blasts Newt for being an intellectual phony, ouch:

When many in the mainstream media and far too many conservatives who should know better swoon over his pronouncements, the cannier on the right and left justifiably roll their eyes in disgust.

Californian’s like Mitt

Mitt Romney’s Time?

Romney Campaign goes after Mass. Governor Duval Patrick for being opposition research arm

Commentary‘s Johnathan Tobin has great writeup on the realities of Newt ascendancy:

Though some of us have rediscovered the speaker as the guy at the debates who isn’t afraid to talk about ideas or scold idiot moderators, the notion that a man with this much baggage can win the nomination or survive the onslaught of the Democratic attack machine is comical. While some conservatives have carried on about Romney’s vulnerabilities, they pale in comparison to those of Gingrich.

The tenor of the discourse of the GOP race may be the better for Gingrich’s participation, but with that record, he has very little chance of being sworn into office in January 2013.

Jennifer Rubin says the loathing conservatives share for Romney is media propogated:

Reading right-wing commentary or listening to talk radio would give you the impression there is great aversion, even loathing, of Mitt Romney among Republicans. The reality is very different, suggesting that the chorus of “anybody but Mitt” for their presidential candidate is more a function of the media than of actual voter sentiment.

Take for example the latest Gallup poll. According to that survey, Romney has the highest total favorable rating (67 percent) and the lowest unfavorable rating (24 percent) of any candidate. That is consistent with other polling showing the former Massachusetts governor leads as the second choice of Republican voters. In other words there is no polling evidence to suggest that GOP voters would find it difficult to back him if he’s the last man standing in the primary.