Thanksgiving Holiday Reading List

Here a some stories you may have missed:

Michael Medved: Conservatives, Romney, and Electability — Great read! Michael says most political battles are won by seizing the center. Anyone who believes otherwise ignores the electoral experience of the last 50 years.

USA Today: Does Mitt Romney benefit from misleading ad? — Brilliant ad done by Romney camp that makes a great point. Liberals (and MSM) crying unfair

Reuters: Romney under fire for immigration remarks — Debunked!

CNN: Key social conservatives secretly meet to stop Romney — Those sly devils…

Politico: Mitt Romney’s Bob Dole Moment — Politico wants to paint Romney as Bob Dole as much as they can (he was the 1996 “hold your nose” nominee), a pretty lame attempt I might ad. They miss the point as always. Romney is championing Bob Dole’s service and good nature and ability to get along with those on the other side of the aisle.

Vanity Fair: Disecting Mitt Romney’s taste in music — Vanity Fair talks about Romney’s recent interview in People magazine. From the Beatles to Brandon Flowers… interesting read.

HuffPo: John Bluemthal: I’m Mitt Romney’s Hair Stylist — From Huff Post Comedy section. Not sure what to make of this one… Romney: My first visit as President would be to Israel — one of the best moments of the debate last night. Many of the other candidates were saying “Me too”

Hollywood Reporter: Celebs speak out on Republican debate — This one is just to show how disgusting the left and Hollywood is for that matter. That Ellen Barkin is a classy gal ain’t she?


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