The Left’s “Evolving” Obsession of Romney

The Washington Post wants you to know that Romney’s “Evolution” on issues knows no bounds–including his time as a lay pastor for his church…get ready for it…30 years ago! Yes, they are dragging out an 80-year old woman to share her outrage on advice he gave her 30 years ago!

Does the Washington Post understand how lame this story is? Apparently, desperation knows no bounds. Here’s a short excerpt:

As the local bishop, Romney conducted annual interviews with all the members of his flock, and he used his time with the newcomer to express both his disapproval of divorce and to remind the middle-aged woman, who had begun dating again, about the church’s opposition to premarital sex.

“I got awfully mad,” said Caci, now 80. “I told him it was none of his business and he said it was.” Romney persisted, she said, and also warned her to avoid consorting with a group of devout but independent Mormon women who had eased her transition into the church. Caci said she reported her “run-in” with Romney to those women, who published a Mormon feminist journal titled Exponent II.

They were “appalled at the fact that he was harassing me, which is basically what he was doing,” she said.

Caci left the church soon after.

Nothing like a feminist scored…

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