“Drive-By” Reporting on the Right

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Rush Limbaugh’s moniker, the “Drive by Media,” is a term he attaches to those media outlets who casually and half heartedly report the news. Instead of digging in and doing real reporting, they simply give a  “drive by”  account of what they saw and most of the time they get it wrong.

I’m sorry to say that many in the conservative media  are doing the same thing when it comes to their favorite punching bag Mitt Romney. Instead of digging in and looking into what Romney faced as governor regarding the health care bill:

  • the things he couldn’t change in the legislation because of state law
  • the parts he vetoed but was overridden
  • how he consulted the Heritage Foundation and other conservative approval (including Newt Gingrich

…they take the easy way out and simply declare that RomneyCare is the same as ObamaCare. End of story. They also call him “unprincipled” who will “say and do anything to get elected.” And my personal favorite “he lacks a core.” Yet we are to believe them when they say they will vote for him should he get the nomination. Would you vote for someone you think is “unprincipled”? I don’t think so.

That’s why the ascendancy of Newt Gingrich is so baffling. Here is a man who has baggage for his baggage. The conservative media  and tea party factions apparently are willing to forgive his personal failings (divorce and adultery) and his not-so-conservative positions (global warming ad with Princess Nancy, support for prescription drug entitlement), yet they cannot–and will not–give Mitt  a pass on RomneyCare.

But now that Newt is tied or ahead in the polls,  and is the latest in a long line of candidates to wear the “Not-Romney” crown , I hope the conservative media will attempt more than a “drive by” account of his less than stellar record.

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