RomneyCare Not ObamaCare

Romney’s original vision for RomneyCare was different than ObamaCare, no matter what the chattering media says to the contrary.  Essentially, the Democrats filled in blanks after Romney left or overruled his Vetoes… Romney will be able to explain in a general election if he gets there.

From Politico:

“At this point, he’s simply forced to defend the law, and having him reopen and re-litigate parts of the plan is probably a bridge too far,” Bonjean said. “He needs to be focusing on jobs and the economy, and he’s playing it smart to stay away from it as much as he can.”

Bonjean said Romney may be able to point out some of his original goals if he becomes the Republican nominee and has the opportunity to debate President Barack Obama on health care, but it is “too early to tell.”

Lischko said she doesn’t think Romney is running away from the law, and points out that he hasn’t shied away from defending it on the national stage.

“I don’t think any of us expected this to be as controversial as it is,” she said. “You maybe lose the public when talking about the finer points of the legislation, but Mitt is correct when he says Massachusetts is really a lot different that the rest of the country and what works there probably won’t work in Texas or California.”


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