Newt Popular with Tea Party? Really?

With all the grief Mitt Romney has received from conservatives–tea party activists– about his record as Massachusetts governor, I was very surprised to see a poll today that has Newt receiving over 35 percent of the Tea Party vote, with Cain receiving 25 and Romney 15.

For a group so concerned with fiscal sanity in Washington, how can they favor Newt who has his fingerprints on so many less-than-conservative projects. It looks like the Tea Party faction needs to do a little due diligence on Mr. Gingrich:

Tim Carney’s piece in the the Washington Examiner: Gingrich made big bucks pushing corporate welfare:

…when Gingrich retired in the middle of his term in 1999 and got huge contracts, he was being paid to promote the opposite of “free enterprise”: subsidies, entitlements, and central planning. Republicans won’t rally behind another politician who confuses “free enterprise” with getting rich.

Allahpundit at Hot Air, comments:

The Times is reporting tonight that in July 2009 Gingrich used a WaPo op-ed to laud a health-care outfit that had been proactive in getting patients to sign “advance directives” (which, you’ll recall, came up during the ObamaCare uproar over “death panels”). Turns out that same outfit was also a paying client of Gingrich’s health-care consulting firm. Meanwhile, at Politico, it seems Gingrich remained a paid consultant of Freddie Mac until the bitter end before it was taken over by the feds in September 2008. Seriously, given his loooong tenure inside the Beltway as a congressman and later a well-paid lobbyist and in light of his many ideological “eccentricities” over the years, how exactly is Newt more of a tea-party champion than, say, Romney is? Yeah, true, Romney has RomneyCare to his record and Gingrich doesn’t, but as Mitt reminded him at one of the debates a few weeks ago, Newt supported health-care mandates before supporting health-care mandates was “cool.” So why the obvious grassroots advantage for Gingrich?

Jennifer Rubin blasts Newt for being an intellectual phony, ouch:

When many in the mainstream media and far too many conservatives who should know better swoon over his pronouncements, the cannier on the right and left justifiably roll their eyes in disgust.


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