Californian’s like Mitt

Mitt Romney’s Time?

Romney Campaign goes after Mass. Governor Duval Patrick for being opposition research arm

Commentary‘s Johnathan Tobin has great writeup on the realities of Newt ascendancy:

Though some of us have rediscovered the speaker as the guy at the debates who isn’t afraid to talk about ideas or scold idiot moderators, the notion that a man with this much baggage can win the nomination or survive the onslaught of the Democratic attack machine is comical. While some conservatives have carried on about Romney’s vulnerabilities, they pale in comparison to those of Gingrich.

The tenor of the discourse of the GOP race may be the better for Gingrich’s participation, but with that record, he has very little chance of being sworn into office in January 2013.

Jennifer Rubin says the loathing conservatives share for Romney is media propogated:

Reading right-wing commentary or listening to talk radio would give you the impression there is great aversion, even loathing, of Mitt Romney among Republicans. The reality is very different, suggesting that the chorus of “anybody but Mitt” for their presidential candidate is more a function of the media than of actual voter sentiment.

Take for example the latest Gallup poll. According to that survey, Romney has the highest total favorable rating (67 percent) and the lowest unfavorable rating (24 percent) of any candidate. That is consistent with other polling showing the former Massachusetts governor leads as the second choice of Republican voters. In other words there is no polling evidence to suggest that GOP voters would find it difficult to back him if he’s the last man standing in the primary.


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